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Eagles Meadow Christmas Countdown

Mat and I had a great day at the Eagles Meadow Countdown to Christmas event on the 23rd December and if the announcements made there prove to be true there should be lots of other exciting ventures happening there in the future some of which might give us other opportunities to promote our work and raise additional funds.

The high winds made life a little tricky, weights for our gazebo sorely needed! Despite this we met lots of people and added about £130 to our available funds which will definitely help. But more important are the contacts we made and the publicity of our work and the volunteer opportunities we represent. Our raffle, for example, was won by Lindsay who is interested in joining our gardening team. We need an army of volunteers as it would be better to have a lot of volunteers each do a little than a few volunteers each doing a lot. Volunteers have families, jobs and other responsibilities but we can provide them with an enjoyable activity which we do not want to become a huge task for them.

If anyone would like to find out more about volunteering with us please comment,message or phone. All contact details are above in our bio.

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